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I dreamed with Loki again. =3 The whole Avengers bunch was there, and for some reason, they needed to change into these speedos (IDK XD) - they were themed after their outfits, too! XD And Loki was bristling and the guys laughed and left him to change alone- well, with me- And he looked really shy undressing, as if he’d be ashamed of something (IDK, really…). When we finished, he smiled at me, as if thanking for not making comments or something, and I stepped to him, wrapped my arms around his shoulders and I kissed him. And he kissed back. =3 Not this ‘stick my tongue down your throat’ thing, but more like that ‘tasting your lips’ thing I love so much and it was amazing.

*squeals* Gods and Goddesses, I’m such a fangirl. XD