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If you approach me with an RP proposal and I say “You’ll have to work for that”, you should take it as a challenge and give me your best plot ideas instead of banning me on the messenger. 

Of course, if you have no plot ideas, then you suck. =3

I just want to RP. That is all. 

Never thought I’d miss the times when I got kicked out of every group I joined because my blunt and honest words aggravated American sensibilities. But those were the times when I could actually play. 

I miss NK, and ZeldaMaster and diamondunicorn and Zephyrous Melody. I wish Ashura and Nolan would finally reply to me even if to say they want to quit for one reason or another. I wish rightsaidalice’s RL bustle to be over because that’s a really good game. 

I managed to stay in a Team Fortess RP for about a year. Looking back, it wasn’t the pinnacle of good RPing, but it was RP, and it was fun typing an Aussie accent. And there was a lot of smut.

I miss the good old daftafterall room. 

I miss rping with that one friend I used to sit online with _every night_ and do glorious shit. 

I might just have to give up, watch Pacific Rim then weasel myself back into Cefca’s good graces, because this is kinda ridiculous. 

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desperately wanting to rp when you dont know all the lore yet


Also see:

  • desperately wanting to RP but you haven’t figured all of your character out yet
  • desperately wanting to RP but you have no one to do it with.
  • desperately wanting to RP but your character breaks original lore.

Desperately wanting to RP, but everybody just wants to have sex

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“who is going to write the starter”

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And when you have a pretty clear idea it’s just ‘Naah’ or ‘I can’t do that’ or ‘DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!’ I’ll write the fucking starter goddamnit

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| Reblog this if you’re a Almost Human role play blog. Canon and Oc’s welcome. Because I need more of you guys! |


Every time I see a post like this, I want to grab OP by the collar and viciously shake him/her hissing “ever heard of instant messengers?” Because I’m a damn RPer and I’d LOVE to play with new people, but I’m not making a damn side blog for that.

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Clone Wars RP

I recently found a Hungarian RP forum that seemed interesting for the first sight- then became less and less attractive at the second, third and following glances. I’m actually not even sure they want new players… Their alternative timeline makes no sense whatsoever, their Jedi are completely closed off and only play among themselves, the Empire side consists of like three players and I couldn’t detect anybody on any other side.

But it reminded me on the project we were talking about. Something along the lines of a CW RP forum, where mature content is allowed. How’s that going, hmm?

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Mark II Katarn-class Commando Armor: boss1138: rc1207 replied to your post: ((What made you decide to RP a...


rc1207 replied to your post: ((What made you decide to RP a Star Wars-universe character in the Mass Effect universe?))

((I can’t believe how few Star Wars RPers there are, especially what with the new Clone Wars series.))

((It’s growing now. Kenobi,…

Now, I’d NEVER play here on tumblr, because it just aggravates me… But I’ve been saying this for a while now, SW RPers HAVE NO PLACE TO GO. Sure, there are forums a-plenty, and DA groups, and even two clubs on Y!Gal that I’m aware of, and nice blogs here, BUT. A lot of people - like myself - would love to turn the heat up a bit. And that is NOT ALLOWED ANYWHERE. I’ve been RPing with a friend I managed to rope into watching at least a few eps (she’s a lazy bum, but a great admirer of good-looking hunks), and we have loads of stories (some even of acceptable quality) but I’d love to have somewhere to post fics and art and meet likeminded fans - not just the kids and the vanilla people!

We need a central hub that lets us post porn, Lucas be damned; a place where we can openly say what we’d like to do to those clones, not to mention all the other chars. An independent forum or an LJ/Dreamwidth would probs be the most beneficial due to their interaction capabilities. Maybe a tumblr sister(brother) account for pics.

But I’m just brainstorming here alone…

I need some new friends. >(

(Anybody interested in high-quality RPing that involves copious amounts of smut? Hungarian timezone is a bonus.)

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spicer-motherfucking-lovejoy replied to your post: i keep getting tempted to make a clu2 app for the…

let us go at it together as villains and single-handedly destroy the forum’s infostructure with our terrible characterizations & reluctance to adapt to the shitty forum system,…

A certain interior design program named Shor just perked up. And by “perked up”, I mean he’s at the screen screaming and squealing, trying to claw his way through. 

Looks like everybody wants an RP. Why aren’t we already having an RP? DA’s still there, Chatzy is an awesome, awesome thing and we have AIM, too. I’d like to take Jarvis. With a bit more spine than the previous one. 

Unless of course my presence is not desired, in which case I’d rather if somebody just told me to shut the fuck up.