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The pure fact that this doesn’t even need a title or a description or anything speaks volumes. I mean look at the number of notes this has. There are so few people who don’t recognize it. And the song itself just gives you chills. It’s so magical.





I swear tumblr if this is another Spongebob pos-



No words, that reaction picture says it all.

"Oh where is this fro-"


"*Tearing up* Oh.”

I still dont know where this is…..


I have literally NO FUCKING IDEA what this is. None, Zero. Nada.

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'The Clone Wars' Info Revealed


the-revanite-leader: scooped up a lot of information from Clone Wars writer Brent Friedman via Twitter. I’ll list interesting information revolving around the unreleased episodes and plots: 

  • All episodes were written up to Season 8
  • There was going to be a Cad Bane and Boba Fett story arc
  • Rex will get injured but not too badly 
  • There was going to be another Yoda arc
  • Season 6 finale was not decided 
  • There were no plans to show Padme being pregnantAhsoka’s loss with Anakin would have been explored in another arc
  • Two episode names and their fortune cookies regarding the Echo arc: First episode and cookie: “The Bad Batch”- The best defense is a strong offense. Second episode and cookie: “A Distant Echo”- Wars are not won with superior weapons, but with superior strategy.
  • On the Echo arc, Rex is in charge of “The Bad Batch.” Arc takes place on Anaxes and Skako Minor 


Friedman revealed more info on Echo’s arc in the past:

  • Captain Rex was to be in charge of a group of experimental commandos (including Echo) called “The Bad Batch”
  • The “emotional hook” of the arc would have been between Echo and Rex
  • The arc would have been in Season 7 if it was produced. 

(Fan-made Echo is by ENGELHA5T. Sketch to the left of the 3D clone is by Dave Filoni)


Didn’t… Echo DIE… sometime around season 3’s end…? O_o Caught up in an explodig ship’s fireball… So quickly that I didn’t even notice it was actually him-?

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Is there some kind of unwritten rule against drawing people’s characters I’m not aware of…? Like, I asked for an art trade, and posted the lines of this guy’s char, because, I think it’s important to show the ppl you want to trade with what you can do

and he just flips out on me

saying that _both parties have to agree to the art trade first_ but FINE, he’ll do me a headshot in return

and I actually told him that if he doesn’t want to trade, it’s okay, he can still keep the lineart. For free. 


Plus he’s on a constant lookout for art of this character, and he does headshots like in two hours, so it’s not exactly that he doesn’t WANT the art, or he has to spend days with the return piece. And he could have just said no, I don’t trade and STILL keep the art. Because I TOLD him he can do that.

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needmorethancoffee replied to your post: so the sun is shining and it’s hailing…

Holy crap. It’s the same weather in Munich… you’re in Munich aren’t you ¬_¬

No, Denmark. Must be a patch of rogue sunny-hail clouds roaming about Europe, tryn’a confuse people like you and me…

Thank the Gods, Hungary only got wind and rain. I just put my winter coat away-

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The Almost Human fandom should be named Almost Dead fandom…The lack of interest in this show,lack of fans supporting it,lack of fanvideos,fanart and fanfiction…it’s all really alarming and sad. Let’s just hope they won’t cancel the show…

Maybe you should try tracking the tag. =/ Or go to AO3. Check out DA… Y’know, branch out. See some places, meet ppl.

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First cover for TF Windblade was finally released!

The art is lovely, but WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING.


First cover for TF Windblade was finally released!

The art is lovely, but WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING.

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I am attempting to get #SaveAlmostHuman trending on Twitter… Anyone want to help a girl out?


I am a big fan of this show and I want to save it just as much as the next fan! So please… any of my followers and other users, please help me get this trending! I would hate to see a show go down only after its first season!! Don’t let the big guys win this fight!!


Because we aren’t actually being THREATENED outright, how about we go with a simple “We love #almosthuman” It’s much easier to get people on that type of bandwagon during a twitter fest… Think swing voters, people who watch it but aren’t as jazzed as us. If it’s more about the positive perhaps we’d have a better chance?

But that’s just my two cents.

Spot on! Positivity and showing the love will likely draw in new viewers to help the show out as well. A lot of people won’t watch a new show that is on the verge of apparently being cancelled. So show them that it is worth watching and that there is a chance it might get renewed!

Mother of God, people, please read this, CHILL THE FUCK OUT and get it right.

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What a couple of panolis. XD

halp im dying

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Sometimes I just-

"Wow; dwarves got hot for this ‘series’ and so did reptiles while elves became prissy snobby anti-social drunks … and a very awkward breathy, heaving scene with Kili that just wouldn’t stop and left out the blaring fact that she was a Silvan elf without the knowledge to heal him that Elrond had that was necessary for a Morgul wound and that Athelas slowed poison (watch The Fellowship again, Jackson, you’re slipping) and didn’t cure it. He’s still gonna die in this version even if Fili somehow manages to take up that empty soul-space created by Jackson murdering Haldir, and it’s seriously all Tauriel’s fault now as is Legolas acting like a rebellious teenager when the sense of honor and duty we saw in LOTR would’ve had him obey his father and tell him Tauriel had left which probably would’ve gotten up this version of the Elvenking’s ire to go after her and teach her a lesson publicly. If she had done her job better then they wouldn’t have gotten out at all (either doing her job as a loving side character and refusing to leave him thereby keeping the same escape possible with Bilbo’s help or doing her job as a soldier and obeying her king instead of listening to her adolescent curiosities about what facial hair on a guy really feels like) and if she hadn’t been used as a love-interest then there would’ve been no need for Kili to impress leaving Bilbo to be the main-story hero here again and possibly making an even more over the top escape sequence dodging all those orcs; that would’ve been hilarious. This was an okay stand alone film with good scenes, but it’s nowhere near what I would call good or great or be something that I will plan to purchase even with deleted scenes as much as I plan to do for Thor 2 which I actually dislike even more for it’s similar flaws and villain that was too obscure with so much taken from his screentime to be even half the villain Loki had been and we didn’t even want to see him die, part of us wanted to see him win in ‘The Avengers’. And let’s face it, Eccleston had a lot more to go up against in this film that was beyond his control because the bar was set so very high by Hiddleston and he still managed to come across as more believable and potent a warrior (even while not possessing incredible fighting skills without a magical element flowing through him) than the wyvern they seriously tried to drown in melted gold. Guys … he seriously probably pees that stuff, not a great plan."

/quote form somebody on DA/

…don’t get people. .__.

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