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Cosplaying with friends is the best hobby ever

I’ll be just silently dying in the corner, thank you.

Storytime tho. A friend and I were dressed as Jedi and we went to the nearest supermarket like that, no fucks given. Granted, we might not have been the first cosplayers there, plus you could spot costumes on the street that day, the con being near, but one elderly lady just looked at me and smiled. Like, not awkwardly at all, just smiled. =3 And once we were leaving the shop, a bunch of young people approached us speaking English (I’m Hungarian) as addressed us like: “Excuse me, I see you’re Jedi, could you give us directions to the Con-?”

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New Home Is Where The Internet Is!  Tumblr’s 10-page limit is keeping me from posting the whole thing, so head on over to the webcomic to read the rest (plus a blog post with Paris photos and doodles).

I’m going to Strasbourg tomorrow!!!  I’m so excited.  We might take a day trip into Germany and the Black Forest 8-D AHHHHHH.  Back soon, love and hugs~

-Your friend Tally

Tally is not only an AMAZING comic artist but she’s living the dream! I hope my girls grow up and don’t let the constant yet abstract notion of fear dictate how they live in this world. Way to go Tally!! :D

I love this so much! As someone who’s only really started to travel in the last year, I totally get that initial terror. I’ve been pretty fortunate, and made so many friends all over the world. I went to Boston on a whim this weekend and got to spend an evening with comic people I met mostly through twitter - and everyone was wonderful. Yes, I got terrible food poisoning on the way home, but I also got to have barbecue and Manhattans with people who used to be strangers. Travel! It’s good for you.

Hear me howl into the cold night.

for I’m a wolf

I travel in packs.

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Finally, I can present you my little comic ‘Hearts for Sale’. These are the first 10 pages.
I’m very nervous about this since it’s my first self-published book. I hope you like the story.
Read Part 2/ Part 3

THIS THING IS SO GODDAMN PRESH, I’M CRYING HOLY SHIT, I love the style and the story is cute, though I expected a different ending, but that’s only me, lol! XD It makes me wanna write those different endings. The world is large, so I’m sure there are more ppl selling hearts and there are more Hearthsmiths repairing them.

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One more month.

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i made this for myself (asked help from facebook friends) but i think maybe it will help someone else too 

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Day 1133  - 14 January  2014

I was talking to someone recently about how google keeps track of your searches and


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So this is my really late submission for goldenfrost week. I used references for the ships and gliders.

This comic is dedicated to the dear kalael.
I’m gonna sleep forever now.

Soundtrack for this are mainly these two songs:

Heaven’s not enough

Conquest of Spaces



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Like I said-



Like I said-

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This is still totally Fanart Friday and not already Sunday. Anyway my dislike of sci-fi is a thing that some people know and more truly correct answer of my favorite sci-fi thing would have been Robocop, but you know… I like Odo and Garak. And I swear Odo is totally like a nosy, disapproving sphynx.

3 of my favorites in one go, Garak, Odo and Quark! Yay! Didn’t quite notice at first that Odo was forming cat ears tho, haha.

OMFG quality DS9 art on my dash! XD It’s totes cute and does have a point! And yay for Julian, Garak and Odo. I <3 them

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