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Thank you for your cooperation

Looks like Skype is not compatible with Trillian right now, because Microsoft thinks it’s not cool. 

Kindly fuck you, Microsoft.

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Yeah, so apparently, my desktop kinda just blew up. How quaint.

It started with an ‘Nvidia Windows Kernel Mode Driver’ error, something about it crashing, and it resulted in the screen going black. Two hours, a driver and Windows update later, it escalated into the complete inability to boot at all - it just stops at the boot screen and refuses to move. (and when it does, it crashes with one of the blue screens. One time the desktop actually appeared, and it had a COMPLETELY BLACK CRACK-LIKE SLASH ACROSS IT srsly it was creepy as hell) The only way to do anything on it is running safe mode. Have you ever tried looking at Tumblr in Safe mode? You should. It’ll make you thankful for whatever you have. 

I honestly did not deserve this. I need to finish a course that cost me 100K. It’s the holiday break, the basically only time I could draw anything on the computer. I kinda want to cry, but it’s pointless. 

I’d appreciate a signal boost, an actual solution and maybe a Windows 7 install.

Merry fucking Christmas indeed. 

The only fun thing about all this shit, which includes me missing Quicksand week’s kickoff and having my Internet time reduced to two hours daily ON THE WEEKEND and most possibly for the entire upcoming week and missing the Meet and my trusty RP partner and having goddamn morning shift next week where I have to wake up at 4 in the morning

is that tomorrow morning at eight, I’ll be dusting off my books on the balcony by noisily slapping two together. Entire neighborhood will wake up to it. 

PS, please keep your pity, thank you. I need a punching bag, not consolation.

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On other news-

ATM, I HATE my life and I want people be dead. I want to go back in time and beat the department leader senseless when she asked me to transfer to this other job. 

It robbed me of my roleplaying time, the only thing that was still a source of pure enjoyment in my life. The woman that showed me around, demanded to know when I want to have my days off ALL SUMMER, and NOW. I didn’t even have a calendar. My summer is practically blown. 

Also, you probs can’t take days off at the middle of the month, and if you take only a few days off a week, it automatically turns dayshift week for you (= no bonus pay). 

Said woman kept giving off the vibes like “I have told you this already, why can’t you just do it?” Because I started like two hours ago, you bitch?

The work isn’t difficult - except that I should have several pairs of eyes, to watch what I’m supposed to copy, to see what I’m writing, and preferably a third to see which keys I’m hitting because I’ve never needed to blind-type in all my life. A fourth won’t hurt either, to watch the data at the top left corner.

Fifty minutes intense keyboardsmashing then ten minutes for a break. In comparison, I spent the last four years working 30 min and having a 30 min break. I have no idea how those women eat.

Aside the stress of copying the ~20 digit number strings right (often from a bad quality scan), my seat was fucking uncomfortable, my shoulders started to hurt in no time, and by the sixth hour, my right hand’s fingers were aching, too (we’re required to use the numeric board).

That beyotch told me what to do, I was doing it to the best of my abilities, concentrating hard on not making a mistake and she was “Hey, hey, if you have a question, ask! Talk to me! Make a sound! You’re so quiet! =D” Fuck you, am I here to chat, or to work?! Can’t you see I’m concentrating??

I hope a truck will flatten the department leader, then the driver will roll back to check how flat she became. Forever cursed may be the day I agreed to take one for the team… or not get fired. >( If I had known this, I might have just told the boss “Then fire me”.

I am frustrated, angry, desperate, exhausted and feeling betrayed. I guess crying would help, but I managed to not burst into tears on the mass traffic vehicles on my way home, and that’s such an accomplishment compared to the last few years that I want to enjoy it while it lasts.

Please refrain from pitying me, because that just makes me feel worthless. Please also refrain from hurrah-optimistic outbursts, because those just make me cry from frustrated anger. Yes, I’m an overly complicated, ungrateful bitch. Thank you.

If you really care, send silent waves of positive energy, cookies/chocolate, pictures of cure animals and links to hot Loki or Jarvis fics.

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I have a friend.

She talks to me, RPs with me and she admitted that she was sort of crushing on me for the longest time. 

She is the only person doing those things, even though I have other friends.

She lives 1.5 continents away.