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what’s really amazing to me is that people are so afraid of body hair on women that even in a shaving commercial they won’t show a hairy leg. they demonstrate the razor by shaving a hairless leg. they show their product being completely useless instead of showing leg hair. it’s just crazy

But also that’s how we shave sometimes too, like people will shave their legs every 2-3 days and I’m sorry hair doesn’t grow back that fast but society has made it so that even the tiniest bit of hair is a huge issue

Socially unacceptable hair on my body grows back in 24 hours. 

I think it’s partially because razors made for women are shitty quality. 


I just want to RP. That is all. 

Never thought I’d miss the times when I got kicked out of every group I joined because my blunt and honest words aggravated American sensibilities. But those were the times when I could actually play. 

I miss NK, and ZeldaMaster and diamondunicorn and Zephyrous Melody. I wish Ashura and Nolan would finally reply to me even if to say they want to quit for one reason or another. I wish rightsaidalice’s RL bustle to be over because that’s a really good game. 

I managed to stay in a Team Fortess RP for about a year. Looking back, it wasn’t the pinnacle of good RPing, but it was RP, and it was fun typing an Aussie accent. And there was a lot of smut.

I miss the good old daftafterall room. 

I miss rping with that one friend I used to sit online with _every night_ and do glorious shit. 

I might just have to give up, watch Pacific Rim then weasel myself back into Cefca’s good graces, because this is kinda ridiculous. 

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Rant time!

So there’s this account on DA, owned by three Japanese girls, and they draw DAMN WELL. Y’know, like Japanese can, all pretty colors and lovely lines, their stuff is really, really neat. 

One of them had a commission open, so I asked for a couple pic, yeah, it was Razer and Aya, sue me. 

I get a note back that srry, this will not work. I was like O_o and asked them if she can’t draw boys? I’ve seen it happening before. (And for the record, I think it’s freaking stupid, artists at this level should be able to do flat chests. (And PLS don’t come at me with ‘guys are more than flat-chested girls’, I’m just simplifying the problem.))

And I get back a note saying “No, she can do cute boys, just not adult men”. 

Maybe something is wrong with me but what the actual fuck. And, her latest commission IS a full grown guy and his GF. Yeah, he’s a standard bishounen, but- I actually like that…? 

Clone Wars RP

I recently found a Hungarian RP forum that seemed interesting for the first sight- then became less and less attractive at the second, third and following glances. I’m actually not even sure they want new players… Their alternative timeline makes no sense whatsoever, their Jedi are completely closed off and only play among themselves, the Empire side consists of like three players and I couldn’t detect anybody on any other side.

But it reminded me on the project we were talking about. Something along the lines of a CW RP forum, where mature content is allowed. How’s that going, hmm?

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A quick thought on RotG

Not that I’ve seen it. 

But poor Pitch CANNOT be anything other than the Nightmare King, because, like Sephiroth, he was PLAGUED by the nightmares he once kept at bay. They infested him and turned him into the very essence of Darkness, so Pitch is basically evil because that is all he knows. He has no reason other than that.

However, he DOES have a reason to want to rule the world, and it is the same old reason a lot of villains use: loneliness, neglect, despair and being fed up by ppl’s BS. It’s not a nice thing for him to do, but it is understandable.

And the world will cave in if he’s outta the picture, because he is Fear, and without it, humanity’s basic survival instinct would VANISH, and we’d just all kill ourselves sooner or later, accidentally. Nightmares also help children cope; they NEED fear to build personality by getting over it. And stay alive.

tl;dr: I want Pitch to come to his senses and meet his daughter, and the Guardians to smart up and admit that he is just as much an essential force for the children as they are. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be in my bunk re-suspending my disbelief.

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This rant was brought to you by the drilling machine and the hammers the guys use in the flat below ours. Also, for comparison: we overhauled the bathroom, laid floor tiles, put on wall tiles for the kitchen and changed all the windows in the flat some years ago. It was done in a week. I KNOW they pretty much rebuild everything, but really now…

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On other news-

ATM, I HATE my life and I want people be dead. I want to go back in time and beat the department leader senseless when she asked me to transfer to this other job. 

It robbed me of my roleplaying time, the only thing that was still a source of pure enjoyment in my life. The woman that showed me around, demanded to know when I want to have my days off ALL SUMMER, and NOW. I didn’t even have a calendar. My summer is practically blown. 

Also, you probs can’t take days off at the middle of the month, and if you take only a few days off a week, it automatically turns dayshift week for you (= no bonus pay). 

Said woman kept giving off the vibes like “I have told you this already, why can’t you just do it?” Because I started like two hours ago, you bitch?

The work isn’t difficult - except that I should have several pairs of eyes, to watch what I’m supposed to copy, to see what I’m writing, and preferably a third to see which keys I’m hitting because I’ve never needed to blind-type in all my life. A fourth won’t hurt either, to watch the data at the top left corner.

Fifty minutes intense keyboardsmashing then ten minutes for a break. In comparison, I spent the last four years working 30 min and having a 30 min break. I have no idea how those women eat.

Aside the stress of copying the ~20 digit number strings right (often from a bad quality scan), my seat was fucking uncomfortable, my shoulders started to hurt in no time, and by the sixth hour, my right hand’s fingers were aching, too (we’re required to use the numeric board).

That beyotch told me what to do, I was doing it to the best of my abilities, concentrating hard on not making a mistake and she was “Hey, hey, if you have a question, ask! Talk to me! Make a sound! You’re so quiet! =D” Fuck you, am I here to chat, or to work?! Can’t you see I’m concentrating??

I hope a truck will flatten the department leader, then the driver will roll back to check how flat she became. Forever cursed may be the day I agreed to take one for the team… or not get fired. >( If I had known this, I might have just told the boss “Then fire me”.

I am frustrated, angry, desperate, exhausted and feeling betrayed. I guess crying would help, but I managed to not burst into tears on the mass traffic vehicles on my way home, and that’s such an accomplishment compared to the last few years that I want to enjoy it while it lasts.

Please refrain from pitying me, because that just makes me feel worthless. Please also refrain from hurrah-optimistic outbursts, because those just make me cry from frustrated anger. Yes, I’m an overly complicated, ungrateful bitch. Thank you.

If you really care, send silent waves of positive energy, cookies/chocolate, pictures of cure animals and links to hot Loki or Jarvis fics.

Unpopular opinion

Instead of the “Staff is working hard to finally fix bugs!” messages, I’d rather see something like “We tested the new features thoroughly, but if there are still bugs, let us know!”

I get that you’re doing this pet site for a hobby, sacrificing your free time and all, but please understand that I invest my hard-earned MONEY into your site. If I am to pay $90 for a custom, I expect things to go like a breeze, without error messages, constant hanging and horribly unbalanced battle systems.

RP woes chapter 3

"We could just RP via DA notes."


There are no sane slasher Clone Wars RPers, period. >_>

Transformers with dragon alt mode.


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